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What is 90 day reporting?

90 days reporting - what is that?

The 90 days report, or the TM.47 form, as it’s known in governmental terms, is due to be reported every 90 days you stay in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The government wants to know your whereabouts, and keep track of what you are doing. For this reason, it’s paramount that you properly comply with the 90 days reporting, if you want to avoid severe fines and/or problems with the immigration authority of Thailand.

While 90 notice used to be a service only provided at the immigration office, there are now several options for reporting your address. EasyVisa provides a simple and seamless complete service here on this website.

How much do the 90 days reporting cost?

There are several methods to do the 90 days reporting. Overall you need to remember that the cost of doing the reporting is free. Regardless what other people tell you. There are no fees or price related to doing the 90 days reporting except your own time filling out the TM.47 form, and transporting yourself and the form to your nearest immigration office by either envelope mail or doing it yourself.

Other more costly options include hiring an authorized visa agent to carry out the job. Prices here range from anywhere from 1.000 THB to 5.000 THB pr. Report.

We charge 299 THB for one report and 999 THB for a year of 4 reports. The task is the same – our structure is just digital and automated, so you don’t have to pay for manual labor.

What is the penalty, if I fail to comply with the regulations?

If you fail to comply with the 90 days reporting, you risk fines up to 5.000 THB pr. Report or 20.000 THB pr. year. If several reports are violated, it can even lead to an arrest warrant, and result in jail time. So you should take the TM.47 very seriously, if you are subject to the requirements.

Who is undergoing the 90 days reporting requirement?

If you’re not a Thai citizen, and you’re living in Thailand, you are required to do the 90 days reporting – regardless of which visa you’re staying on. There’s no way around it, and no loopholes to exploit. All foreigners living in Thailand, need to report to the government every 90 days.

Initiate your 90 days report
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Please prepare the following things

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Visa information Copies of visa and personal page in your passport to prove that you are you.

Personal information

Personal information Personal information such as your name and address.

Departure card

Departure card Departure card so we can see the exact date and information of the governments expectations.

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In order to process your visa application, we need you to upload a range of documents. Follow the instructions below.

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    How long time does it take?

    The form itself shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to fill out. We designed it to be easy to understand, and have engineered our system to integrate with several useful entities, to locate you, your immigration bureau, the immigration officer in charge, as well as the form and approval you need to have. Once the form is filled, the process of reporting takes up to 14 working days. Which means, that we should have your order at least 14 days before your 90 days notice is due. You only need to fill out our form once, and if you dont change your information, we assume nothing has changed and we will use the same information for the next report.


    Sensitive information? We follow the GDPR codecs!

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    The people behind

    EasyVisa 90 days reporting is made by two driven serial entrepreneurs with an over a decade of experience in doing business on Thai soil. With a western mindset and a comprehensive understanding of the immigration process, we saw the need to digitally optimize the tedious process of doing this report over and over. We believe it’s nice to share the tools that we think the world is missing. And this is one of them.

    We’d love to hear from you

    We spend a lot of resources keeping up to speed with the current status of visa regulations. . Feel free to swing us a message, if you have anything on your mind. It doesn’t cost anything to ask. 🙂