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Kenneth is has been working closely with lawyers and visa companies in Thailand for more than 7 years now. Most recently through the management of a a co-working space with more than 100 foreign members, who regularly needed visa services. He is now working full time on researching and optimizing the Thai immigration system, so you dont have to.


The Thai immigration offers educational visas for a range of various educations in Thailand, the visas available range from 3 months to 5-year visas. Many have before abused this option, the ED visa for studying the Thai language in one of the many language schools around Bangkok and Thailand. This means that the language study ED visa is the most scrutinized and also the one that needs the most visa renewals along the period of your stay in Thailand.

Another option for obtaining the ED visa is to take a full-time degree at one of Thailand’s many recognized universities, many of which will also give you a reasonable quality education. While this is a more pricey option, they will have dedicated staff taking care of everything in the visa process and you get to study the same material as you would in Europe or the USA.

An increasingly popular option is the Thai boxing ed-visa, which some Thai boxing schools claim is granted for periods up to 5 years. As Thai boxing is so abundant it is a fairly cheap activity here in Thailand, which means if you are already fond of exercise, it’s a very good option for getting your stay in Thailand and your educational visa validated. In order to get a Thai ED visa for Thai boxing, you will have to do at least 5 sessions a week.

While holding an ED-visa it is important that you ensure that you are fulfilling all your immigration requirements, this means that you have to renew your ED visa at least once every year and that you will have to complete your 90-day reporting, every three months. In addition to this, you will need to check up on whether you need a re-entry permit when leaving the country.

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