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Kenneth is has been working closely with lawyers and visa companies in Thailand for more than 7 years now. Most recently through the management of a a co-working space with more than 100 foreign members, who regularly needed visa services. He is now working full time on researching and optimizing the Thai immigration system, so you dont have to.


There are several agents in Bangkok, that offer to do the 90 days reporting for you. According to our research, fees vary from 500 to over 2000 baht and the process takes 2-3 days. Most agencies need your passport for the duration of the process and will return it with a notice of 90 days reporting, that will state when to do the next reporting. You can also go to one of Thailands many immigration offices with a 90 days reporting form, which is available here, remember to bring your passport and a good book to pass the time.

The most common location for 90-day reporting in Bangkok is the government complex at Chaeng Wattana, there is also a new location for 90 reporting at Chamchuri square, but unless your visa has been granted from that particular office, you will not be able to do your 90 days reporting there. The immigration at Chaeng Wattana usually opens for 90 days reports at 9:00 am, but if you want to be first in line with your report, we suggest you go an hour or two early.

Another option is to do it by mail, its done in a few easy, but time-consuming steps;

  • You will have to go to a copy shop and make a copy of your passport.
  • You need to print out the reporting form from the Thai Immigration website.
  • Fill out the 90 days reporting form and sign it.
  • Buy an envelope and two stamps to both send and return the envelope.
  • File everything in an envelope and go to the post office and send it to the immigration.

To access EasyVisas easy to use online reporting system click here: 90 days report Thailand


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