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Kenneth is has been working closely with lawyers and visa companies in Thailand for more than 7 years now. Most recently through the management of a a co-working space with more than 100 foreign members, who regularly needed visa services. He is now working full time on researching and optimizing the Thai immigration system, so you dont have to.


As of November 15, 2018 and until January 15, 2019 the Thai immigration has agreed to a trial on a relaxation of its strict visa regulations, this means among other things, that it will be possible to do border-runs or visa-runs across the border to either Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar or Malaysia. If not only for a brief time, this is another way of prolonging your stay in the Kingdom of Thailand, at least for a time until another solution can be found. The most typical borders to travel to if you want to do a visa run and extent your visa are, Poi Pet in Cambodia to the east or Nongkhai in Lao to the North.

Though many ignore this, it is important to notice that the visa you will be obtaining on a border-run / visa-run is a tourist visa and using it means that you will be strictly prohibited from carrying out any type of work or business in Thailand. In order to get work in Thailand you need to first get a business visa / b-visa and subsequently a work permit.

Since your leaving the country or renewing your visa at least every three months, you will not need to do 90 day reporting, you will however be doing an extension of your tourist visa regularly. Look in EasyVisas extension section, to learn more about making a successful extension.

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