Most of our received questions, can be answered below in our FAQ

  • Is it safe to store my personal information with EasyVisa?
    Yes, it is entirely safe. We comply ourselves with the standards of the European GDPR in terms of privacy of personal information, and we use a state-of-the-art encrypted storage method for documents. In the unlikely event, that a breach occurs, we implemented contingency setup in our database, that separates information apart from each other, making it impossible for an attacker to obtain combined packages of information. Feel free to contact us, if you have further questions or concerns related to privacy.
  • I submitted an order, when will I get my result?
    Keep in mind, that we do everything we can to digitalize your process. However, some parts require printing, going physically to the immigration on your behalf, and going back, waiting for snail-mail to be delivered, having one of our visa-specialists author documents on your behalf, and other time-consuming factors that could delay your process. We do what we can to keep you updated, and we will let you know as soon as possible when we have news related to your case.
  • I wasn't able to finish a check-out process due to not having all documents necessary. Can i resume it?
    Yes, provide us with a unique piece of information, that you gave upon your check-out, and we will send you a link, that resumes your check-out process where you left off.
  • We are a family - how do we order for everyone at once?
    If you have the option of utilising a multi-purchase from us, then you will be sent discount vouchers for the remaining family members, after the first check-out has been made. Simply apply the discount codes and access the platform for free accordingly. We are working on options to simultaneously check-out multiple people, but it's not available at the moment.

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